January 2012

Southwest is Getting a Makeover!

"I am still looking forward to my next flight with them, and I love the no change fees."

There is nothing that causes me greater anxiety than travel. I am not a fan of flying, but I also know to get from point A to point B there is only one way short of teleporation or leaving your job to travel in a motor home.  Last year I took my first trip with Southwest.  After all the scary stories I heard about the cattle call to get on the plane, I have to tell you I really enjoyed my flight. We paid the extra $10 upgrade to get on the plane first, definitley worth the money! I figure if we aren't paying for baggage, might as well pay for the upgrade.  The plane itself needed a little updating, and now I am happy to see that Southwest will be doing a little housekeeping on the planes.

Southwest has taken a smart approach, cutting almost 600 pounds from the plane with a slick re-design of their seats. This will save the company about $10 million dollars each year. This is the first time they have made upgrades to the planes since 2011.  The seats are aimed at being more comfortable (maybe Kevin Smith and I can sit next to eachother) but they are actually adding a few more seats to each plane. (more profit) I wish they would stay out of the celebrity spotlight, it seems that they have so much potential and they are by far the most reasonable, they are always getting in trouble in the news for throwing some celebrity off.

Social Networks to Choose a Seatmate?

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will offer the ability for passengers to use social media to choose the people who will sit next to them. Passengers can use the Facebook profiles or the LinkedIn profiles from other passengers to select seatmates. Now, I believe that this tool could have some benefits and some consequences. First of all, here's a benefit. You might be able to choose to sit next to someone who you might actually wish to talk to, or you could choose to sit next to someone who doesn't talk much at all. For many people, a quiet seatmate is a blessing, especially for a long trip. For other people, talkative seatmates who share some of the same interests are perfect. I see a problem with the ability to pick a seatmate based on the way he or she looks. If photos are viewable in the profiles when people select their seatmates, who is not to say that people will choose not to sit next to someone based on race or other superficial measures. Someone might choose to sit next to someone because that person has a more attractive photo than another person.