February 2012

Airline Amenities

What does Virgin airlines have to offer?

Flying has sure changed a lot from the days of receiving nothing but a package of peanuts. Well, I suppose that really does depend on the airline. Virgin Airlines, for example has a few amenities that you might like. Have you ever forgotten to charge your iPod or laptop and there were no plugs in sight? I have! Virgin Airlines solves that problem. The airline offers plugs (standard and USB plugs) for your devices.

Were You Impacted by Flight Cancellations in the Northeast?

Get Where You Need to Go

Unpredictable bad weather recently stranded travelers who were taking flights in Northeast United States. What should you do? Contact the airline immediately. It's likely that the airline will allow you to change your ticket for free. For example, the recent bad weather that impacted the Northeastern region of the United States  left thousands of travelers stranded, and American Airlines announced that fliers could travel later for free.