June 2012

Marriott hates moms!

Looking for a summer getaway, parents? Best opt for a cozy B and B.

Have you seen the new Marriott Courtyard commercials? You can click here to watch as an irritated man is surrounded by women with children on a plane, and as they cry or kick his seat, the voiceover tells you, “You didn’t choose to travel like this. But you could choose to travel like this.” Then they show you a bunch of blah-blah images of their hotel.

I guess Marriott didn’t think about the moms who didn’t choose to travel like that, either, but were likely out of options; do you think we want to travel on a plane with a baby? Do you think we want you to use us as symbols of irritation in your commercial to show how boo-hoo life is for a dude who has to wear an expensive suit and travel? Use first class, man, if sitting next to a woman not unlike the one who gave you life bothers you.